It’s Autumn, and things should start cooling off soon. Which means, of course, we should all be reading more Blazes to heat them right back up. Right?!?

The question is, what’s the best autumn reading treat to go along with those yummy Blazes?

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10 Responses to “Fun Fall Reading”
  1. EllenToo says:

    Actually I wanted to vote for two of the choices —chocolate and ice cream….or chocolate ice cream. (Y)

  2. Liz Matis says:

    Instead of the muffin we have warm apple cider donuts….yummmmmmm

  3. Nicole S says:

    I voted for ice cream, doesn’t matter what time of year that’s my weakness.

  4. I’ve already eaten a muffin today . . . now I want chocolate ice cream.

  5. Tawny Weber Tawny Weber says:

    LOL Heather – gotta have ’em all!!!

  6. Paula R. says:

    Hey Tawny, I definitely something to help cool me off, but a little bit of chocolate goes a very long way too. LOL!!

    Peace and love,
    Paula R.

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