The other day a woman in my Zumba class mentioned that I seemed to have lost weight. YAY! I’ve been through this numerous times. I get my act together, exercise hard, keep carb intake down and avoid desserts and a pound or two dribbles away.


I’ve finally figured out the formula. If I violently exercise six days a week, watch carbs every day, I can manage one dessert and not gain weight. In short, eternal vigilance.

Then comes Halloween. Torture. Even though most of the trick-or-treat candies aren’t that tasty. Nevertheless, they’re irresistible to me.

Bear in mind, we only get about six sets of trick-or-treaters at our house. Our dead-end street has few children and our houses are so far apart we don’t draw neighborhood groups. Every year my husband persists in getting the “good candy”–mostly chocolate bars, especially Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and the next morning I’m faced with an entire bowl of leftovers.

I’m trying to negotiate with him–just one bag and make it Twixt, which just tastes nasty to me, put out the scary, voice-activated head-in-the-fishbowl who makes bad horror jokes, plus a bowl of candy and act like we’re not home. That way the temptation is OUTSIDE all night. I fear he’ll succumb to the urge to be gracious and there I’ll be with a bowl of temptation in the morning.

Help! How do you save yourself from Halloween…and temptations in general? I need three weeks to get fortified.
Dawn Atkins

6 Responses to “Halloween Horror: The Evils of Reese’s”
  1. Lori Borrill says:

    We’re on Weight Watchers this year and have vowed we will not start the holiday downslide with Halloween candy. So I ordered bags of eyeball gumballs from Oriental Trading Company. They’ve been in the closet for a couple weeks now and not a soul has found an interest in touching it.

    Good luck! The holidays are upon us!

  2. Colleen says:

    Oh my Reese’s!!!! I love the cups, pieces, and crunch bars…. ;-( Well for Halloween, I tend to give out candy that I am not a fan of… it helps with temptation. As for the after Halloween sale, I pick one bag of my fav and that is it…. til the next holiday!

  3. Linda Henderson says:

    I buy things I don’t like to eat to give out. That means nothing chocolate. I usually get suckers, gum, sweet and sour stuff, anything that I won’t get tempted to nibble.

  4. Dawn Atkins says:

    That’s for the comments, ladies. I tried the “don’t put out candy you like” bit, but my husband insists that kids deserve the best, so that goes out the window. Suckers and Starburst and bubblegum just doesn’t cut it…sigh. I think I’m ging with the candy outside and insisting my husband puts the leftovers in his car to take to the office and give away…
    Dawn Atkins

  5. Nicole S says:

    I get tempted by the little chocolate bars, reese’s cups, and M&Ms. I limit myself to one little package of each. Faced with the big bowl it’s too hard not to be tempted especially if you pass it out all night to the trick-or-treaters. I like everyone’s idea of getting candy you don’t like to hand out, never though of that.

  6. DenzelWst says:

    Hei everybody, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! A little late..!!

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