I love conferencing. I’m the rare person who is both a writer and an EXTROVERT! And yes, I’m the kind of extrovert you put in capitol letters. I’m just that loud and (hopefully) that fun. Right now, I’m in Chicago for their Spring Fling conference.  Then starting Monday morning, I’m going to be in Ohio for the Romantic Times Convention.  I love meeting people-fans, booksellers, random people in elevators-they’re all just part of my world wide playground. But that’s me.

What if you’re one of the more typical SHY writers? It’s hard to make the NY connection if you (a) can’t afford a convention, (b) haven’t the time for a convention, and/or ( c) end up staring at your shoes in anxiety. Don’t hear me criticizing you. Some very big NY Times bestsellers still struggle with being shy. They’d much prefer to hang out at home and write.

Well, Harlequin Historical has started a program just for you! Here’s the link: Editor Pitch  It’s for virtual pitches. Yes, you too can connect with an editor without showering or changing out of your jammies! There are specific rules which should be adhered to closely. But prospective HH authors submit a two-paragraph blurb and then must be available to pitch in an on-line chat at the specified time. This is especially cool because Harlequin Historicals is based in England. So any US, Australian, or wherever else writers can connect without an overseas flight.

Okay, it’s now time for you to dish. Tell me your embarrassment woes or lack thereof. I’ll confess that I have indeed been THAT author that followed an editor into the bathroom. But in my defense, we were talking from a workshop and just kept going into the bathroom. Still, looking back, it was really tacky of me.

One lucky commenter will win an Are you a Tigress tee shirt?!

And don’t forget! My Blaze UNDER HIS SPELL is in stores now!

8 Responses to “Pitch Without Pants!”
  1. Fedora says:

    LOL, Jade, at you boldly going where maybe you shouldn’t have gone before 😉 Hey, we readers appreciate you going the extra step! 🙂 As for embarrassment woes, I’m pretty easily embarrassed; I’m OK in small groups or one on one, but stick me in front of a crowd (even of little kids) and I’m bright red and stammering! Eeeeeeeekk!

  2. Kristi says:

    I pitched at RWA nationals last summer for the first time. For my first pitch, I wasn’t particularly suave with the pitch itself, but that wasn’t the embarassing part. It was the comedy routine I put on as we were lining up to be led to the tables. I, um, get really obnoxiously chatty when I’m nervous (and when I’m drunk, which I wasn’t, but without the breathalyzer I don’t know that you could prove it that day…). And they lined us up in a way that reminded me of high school marching band. I might have done a “ten-hut” at one point. Probably annoyed the heck out of everyone around me who was trying to memorize their speech.

    The good news was that I used up most of my embarassment quota on that first pitch, and for the second one I did (the following day), I acted both calm and professional, and got a nice request from the editor (who left the publishing house 2 days after receiving my full…).

  3. Are we going to see you in Nashville? I have many, many, many embarrassing moments. My latest revolve around remembering people’s names. I used to introduce myself to everybody, but now I’m getting the tight smile, followed by a “We’ve met.” What I really hate is seeing someone I know and blanking on their name when I’m signing a book for them. :-$

  4. I’m at RT now and yes, I’ll be at RWA in Nashville! Can’t wait! And, heather, I have a terrible problem with faces and names too. I usually ask fans to spell their name for me. But there was this one woman I had spent a lot of time with, remember her, but couldn’t for the life of me recall her name. So I said, remind me please how to spell your name? She said: the usual way. I ended up asking her point blank. It’s Beth. *sigh* She was a little insulted. Oh well. I’ve decided I’ll start telling people I have half-zheimers (instead of Alzheimers)

  5. Linda Henderson says:

    I’m not a very bold person, so I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have to make a living by talking to people. Quite a few years back I was working at a resort in Colorado and Louis L’Amour (hope I spelled that right) had a condo there so he could be found in one of the restaurants quite frequently. I had only been there about a month and my co-workers in the accounting department came up and told me he was eating lunch downstairs and I should go get his autograph. Well personally I felt it was rude to interrupt his lunch for an autograph, particularly since I didn’t read his books. I guess they were all bold enough to do it, but I didn’t feel like it was appropriate. Even though my nephew would have loved to have had his autograph. So I ask your opinion as an author, do you like being interrupted just anywhere for an autograph ? And by the way, I do read YOUR books.

  6. Alina Duffer says:

    Hi Jade! Well first I have to say that I loved Under His Spell! It was an awesome book! Of course I love everything I read by you but that one really sucked me in. To answer your question I would have to say normally I’m a very shy person until I get to know people, but once I do I’m always embarrasing myself. Whether it be with my big mouth or my kluzy feet. But I can almost always laugh at myself so I guess thats a good thing.
    Well have a great day, and I cant wait to see what you come up with next! (*)

  7. Linda — I personally love being interrupted for autographs. But I’m an extrovert and love, love, love talking to people. So…feel free to interrupt me anytime you want! And I’m so pleased that you like my books!

    You too Alina! Thank you! Brenda told me last week that Under His Spell is doing well, so I’m in heaven! Thank you for reading it! As for what’s up next? Office fantasies in Taking Care of Business, November 2010. (Or Jade Lee’s Wicked Surrender in September 2010)

  8. tamibates says:

    well to be talking and enter a MENS bathroon is embarssing , lol
    especially in front of the guy you had the hots for , for years

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