I don’t know what it is about spring, but it feels like new beginnings to me. Maybe it’s all the sunshine after so many cloudy days. Could be the thawing of my feet, which seem to stay frozen through winter. I always feel like cleaning house as spring begins to bloom outside. It’s that spring cleaning, need a fresh start, I guess. I say I feel like, it but right now I don’t have the time. I have a book due in another month, two (She Who Dares, Wins and Truth and Dare) coming out over the next two months and grad school is CRAZY with deadlines this month. Still, I had to at least clean off my desk. It always makes me feel so much better if I can see the wood underneath. ๐Ÿ™‚ And as the weeks go on I’ll do a bit more. When the book is finished, I’ll go through this mad cleaning spree (I always do). When this happens, my husband comes home and says, “Who are you? And what have you done with my wife?” I’m not kidding.

I took a few moments to take some pics so I could show you some of the other signs of spring around the Havens’ household.

Gizmo loves to play in the mud as you can see from his face and paws. Time for a trip to the Beauty Shop.

If we don’t brush Scoobie every day, we end up having dust bunnies the size of Godzilla as her winter coat sheds.

I woke up the other day and the pear trees had bloomed overnight.

It won’t be long before those gorgeous smelling Gardenias bloom. They make the front entry so fragrant.

My husband’s rose bushes are also starting to green up. I love the way the flowers make the house smell.

Tell me what spring means to you.

Happy Spring Y’all!

7 Responses to “Feeling Springy”
  1. David F says:

    It’s a little thing but, to me, Spring means opening the windows to let in the fresh air. Not only does it do that but it also means the cats sit in the windows and don’t bother us which makes cleaning much easier!

  2. Felicia says:

    Oh Scoobie and Gizmo are adorable. I have a dog you have to brush everyday or the hair will take over ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love the gardening, it will be very pretty when the roses are in full bloom!

    Good luck with Grad School–I know you can do it!

  3. Karen Foley Karen Foley says:

    I am green with envy!! I still have snow banks that are two feet high along my driveway, and although the snow is starting to melt in the yard, there is no grass underneath…only mud. So far, no sign of green at all (except for myself…see first sentence.) Unfortunately, spring usually means swollen rivers and the threat of flooding (we live directly on the banks of a major river), so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a slow snow melt and a dry spring!

  4. katie says:

    I am hoping Spring is on the way, although, with the rain, who knows (in the PNW). I am always hopeful, though. THe dogs are so cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Joanne Rock says:

    Katie and I are in the same boat! I’ve still got lots of snow in upstate NY, but Candy, your pictures give me hope that spring will eventually make its way north!

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