I’m just back from vacation which was wonderful and a much needed break after the Romantic Times convention. (It was fabulous, BTW). But I came home to what I’m going to call Life on Slow. I have a book due, but not for months and months. I’ll get back to it, but I also need to start thinking about my next books. I need to clean the house, find the desk underneath all the papers, and maybe even clean out old clothes from my closet. Frankly, there are piles in my bedroom that I don’t really want to see, but it needs to be sorted out sometime, hopefully by me and not my heirs. I’m writing comic book scripts, so I ought to be thinking about those. It’s a whole other way of thinking, so that will be a challenge. Plus, I’ve got contest entries to read and judge for my local RWA chapter.

Stuff to do. Stuff to throw out. Stuff to finally take care of.

Who wants to do that? What am I really doing? Playing racquetball–my knee is so swollen it no longer fits comfortably inside my pants. Playing pogo.com – I’m up to 24 million tokens (and yeah, they’re relatively useless). And eating crap – do you know how absolutely YUMMY barbecue potato chips are????

Am I getting any cleaning done? Well, I just did the dishes because I ran out of clean bowls for my guacamole dip. Beyond that…no. Am I thinking of new story ideas? Well, always, but none of them in enough detail to do anything with. Am I even reading books? Um, yes. Some. But mostly, I’m just wasting time. Which is…well, a big fat waste.

So, anybody else struggle with life on slow? Because I seem to be at zero or 1000 mph. Life on slow translates to zero with the added minus that I’m not really enjoying myself. I mean, yeah, the potato chips taste great going in, but then I just feel sick. If I’m going to do NOTHING, then at least I ought to do NOTHING in ARUBA. *sigh*

Help me friends! Give me your strategies for getting off my increasingly large ass. One lucky commentor will win In Good Hands by Kathy Lyons!

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  1. Laney4 says:

    Enlist the help of girlfriends. They are my salvation.
    They have “kicked me in the butt” so often lately that I can’t count the number of times. Right now they are sending me emails and phoning me, telling me to get my income taxes done (they’re usually due Apr 30 in Canada, but because that falls on a Saturday this year, they are now due May 2 instead).
    Last month they were keeping tallies with me on how many unopened emails we had in our inboxes (I had over 400 back then and zippo now).
    They are ALWAYS congratulating me when I lose a single pound, as each pound is difficult to lose. They do NOT say anything negative when I gain weight/snack in the evenings. They understand that sometimes we go two steps forward and one step back.
    Seriously, Jade/Kathy, call a girlfriend; book a walk together. Email another girlfriend; book a lunch together as a reward for writing so many pages, for example.
    Perhaps you are a list person. Write down your “must-do items” and schedule them for perhaps 15 minutes a day or even an hour a day, depending on what they are, and then just do them. If I don’t have something scheduled, I can talk myself out of doing it every single time, as I’m sure there’s something else I’d prefer doing.
    I apparently need to be motivated to clean my house (rather than scheduling events), so I purposely invite people over and then rush around the day before (or that morning) cleaning/tidying up.
    Best of luck with this!
    Oh! I’ve read this book already – and loved it – so please take my name out of your draw! I even wrote down a line from page 39 that I still laugh about: “He who comes first, loses.” Couldn’t have said it better myself, LOL. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Spencer says:

    A change of scenery always helps me when life feels stagnant and I need to get something done. Maybe you’ve passed by a cute coffee shop that has always caught your eye? Check it out! Or, if you’re looking for a reason to get up and out of the house, I’ve never met a problem that couldn’t be fixed with a little retail therapy 😉 The season is changing, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to add to your wardrobe! Plus, who said walking around the mall doesn’t count as exercise? 😉

    Hope that helps & can’t wait to read your book! 🙂

  3. Kathy Lyons, aka Jade Lee Jade Lee says:

    Laney–Good idea. I’m actually meeting Elizabeth Hoyt for coffee later today. And I’ve got a friend for breakfast tomorrow. If nothing else, I’ll be having a good time while I’m not getting anything done.

    And Spenser…yeah I’ve been thinking about retail theraphy. But I spent so much in California, I’m trying to be good. But my husband and I did try a new Thai restaurant I’ve been thinking of. And it was GREAT! So…maybe more of that.

    Good ideas you two! Come on everybody…wake up and help me!!!!

  4. StacieDM says:

    Good morning Jade!
    I have a big move coming up that has been daunting me. Lots of prep and planning that is no fun at all. To get myself motivated into doing the physical work I just crank up the volume on my ipod. If I can sing (poorly) while I work I find that I get more done and my energy level stay high. It is one way to make an unpleasant task fun.

    It was great meeting you at RT by the way. You had more energy than anyone else I met there. You sat behind me at the Mr Romance competition too. I was the red-faced woman who caught the t-shirt the contestant threw into the crowd. *blushes again*

    Hope my music tip helps. 🙂

  5. Sherie says:

    I have been meaning to do the same thing myself. I need to rearrange my kitchen to make itmore functional and to store some of the crap I have better. But we are getting new countertops in 5 weeks so I figured I will wait till they come in because I will have to take everything out anyway. Plus the 5 closets we have in the house need to be cleaned out. I live in south Louisiana we do not have a winter yet one closet is filled with skiing clothes, go figure.
    Maybe I will take the other girls advice and have a girls night at a new restaurant. Thanks and cannot wait to read the book!

  6. Tammy Yenalavitch says:

    For me, staying busy is good. I like the structure of having a list of things to do and limited time. The busier I am, the better I work. I was on vacation last week, with lots of free time and I did nothing!

  7. Aurora says:

    I’m going through a senioritis right now, and with one exception just try to do what I can because its the last (very last bachelors degree last) few weeks of school for me. Not sure how to help or what strategy to give. I would probably relax for a few days, kind of unwind and then get back to work.

  8. Amanda R. says:

    Keep it simple! Find some small reward, (or big one for down the road – like Aruba) and work towards that, make a plan and list something you’ll do daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. Make sure you keep a journal (online or just for you) of your accomplishments and me personally, I use my best friend as a sounding board to kick my ass if I forget or feel too lazy to do anything. Or for encouragement to go bigger, harder with my planned work out/project.

    Hope this helps, even a little!

  9. katie says:

    Set goals…smaller goals and ‘reward’ yourself with something small (I would do food, but not on a diet I am on). I just decided to do that…declutter an area, do a little bit each day, focus, and then on Saturday, vegetate!

  10. Colleen says:

    I just take things one step at a time… tell myself to get this one thing done then maybe reward myself… I also try to plan small tasks ahead of time.

  11. Jane says:

    I do believe that setting a pace is the way to go, but sometimes things don’t work out that way. If things get hectic, I make myself slow down before I burn out.

  12. Kathy Lyons, aka Jade Lee Jade Lee says:

    Wow! A lot of great suggestions. I’m going to go out to dinner with my father while I contemplating doing some of these things. Mostly, it sounds like goal setting (list making) and finding people who make me do it!

    Keep the ideas coming everyone! I need all the help I can get!

  13. Diana says:

    I’ve always heard that it’s good to have a friend to work out with, so that would be my suggestion. I need to get off my butt, too. Easier said than done, though.

  14. Cathy W says:

    Find a toddler to spend time with! LOL – having a two year old, I never get life on slow! 😀

  15. Kathy Lyons, aka Jade Lee Jade Lee says:

    Toddler? Ack no!!!! I remember those days! And guess what…I actually called a friend and we’re going to work out together today. So I’m making progress!

  16. Congratulations to Spencer! She wins the copy of IN GOOD HANDS.

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