I love miniseries. As a reader, I never get tired of reading them. Whether they are author generated (from Alison Kent’s classic gIRL gEAR to Isabel Sharpe’s fun new Checking E-Males) or Blaze staples (Wrong Bed, Forbidden Fantasies), I like seeing the carry-over of character or theme, savoring a little more from a well-loved set of characters or concept.

As a writer, I have a blast writing miniseries stories. When I generate my own series , I like revisiting a world I’ve built and the people I’ve created. Back when I wrote the Single in South Beach series, I was so sad to leave my Miami girlfriends! I felt like the secret heroine among that group of South Beach divas. I could attend their club bashes in my pajama pants from the safety of my living room, and I savored each stolen margarita sip vicariously.

When I write stories in the Blaze-originated series like Encounters or the Wrong Bed, I’m most excited to have a fun framework to write in. I know that I’ve either got to write short connected pieces, or a story that pits the hero and heroine in a very awkward meet. And that gives me a lot to work with before I even sit down to brainstorm. It’s like having a little bit of my workday done for me.

With the series I’m writing now, I’m getting to blend those two ideas. I’ve got an author generated series going in that I’ve created a fictional family of hot, wealthy brothers who are the sons of a resort mogul. They share a world that’s unique to them, growing up on Cape Cod in a hyper competitive environment that – perhaps- bears a small resemblance to the sports-minded ambiance that my three sons have lived and breathed since birth. So in that sense, I’ve come up with a lot of characters and a rich sense of place to return to over the course of five books. Awesome!

But even better, the stories are threading through some tried and true miniseries that I hope will draw you all in to read them. And I didn’t plot that in any kind of marketing genius, believe me. The connections just arose naturally out of the storylines. The first two books are Wrong Bed stories, and they’ll be out in September and October of this year. The next two books will be connected, but not under a formal Blaze miniseries banner, and they’ll come out next spring. The fifth book will take me to the Uniformly Hot! miniseries when I write one of stories of a brother who went into the Navy. That book will be out in September 2012.

So there’s a lot to love on my end. It’s fun to get to know these guys and watch the different brotherly dynamics between them. But most of all, I’ll be eager to start sharing them with you this coming summer.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking a lot about my favorite Blaze miniseries and am working on a list of all the miniseries we’ve seen in our line. Care to help me flesh it out? Can you tell me some of your favorites or the most memorable ones you’ve read over the years? I blogged about connected stories a couple of years ago, but we talked about miniseries all over the lap, not just Blaze. As we gear up to celebrate Blaze’s tenth birthday this summer, I think it will be a fun way to toast a long tradition of sexy series!

Thanks in advance, and I’ve got a backlist Blaze of your choice for one random poster…

34 Responses to “Miniseries Marathon”
  1. katie says:

    I Love the series for exactly the same reasons.

  2. EllenToo says:

    OK I’ve gone completely blank :o: on the name of the series and the author/authors but there was a series of books in which the heroines of the books had a “club” where when their name was drawn they had to choose to tell the truth about something or take a dare.

    • Joanne Rock says:

      I’m keeping an eye out, Ellen. Have been scouring sites to collect miniseries titles, and I may hit it yet!

      • EllenToo says:

        FOUND IT !! It’s a continuity called Martini Dares by Lori Wilde, Carrie Alexander, Jamie Ann Denton and Isabel Sharp. They came out in 2007-2008.

  3. Summer says:

    Some of the first Blazes I read were Kristin Hardy’s Sex and The Supper Club series, it was a group of women who’d known each other since college and talk about their love lives over dinner.

    • Joanne Rock says:

      Summer, Kristin is a wonderful writer! Special Edition is fortunate to have her. She also had a series called Under the Covers for Blaze.

      • Patricia says:


        I am also a big fan of Kristin’s writing. I loved her Blazes (also enjoyed the Under the Cover & Sex & the Supper Club minis), & she also wrote interesting SSEs. I, particularly, liked that she wrote very interestingly about business aspects. However, she hasn’t published any books for several years, &, when I sent an inquiry to eHq. around a year ago (?) asking why she hadn’t released any books, my response said that she was dealing with health issues. (Last I checked, her website was from a few years ago.) Have you heard anything about poor health in the family? I wasn’t certain if the poor health was hers, or her hubby’s, with whom she had been collaborating. I’m, hoping it’s not serious.

        In addition to both of Kristin’s minis, also really enjoyed the gIRL gEAR mini. Like you, love those minis. It’s always good to reconnect w/earlier fave characters. Please keep writing them.


  4. I love, love, love connected stories too! And, imho, Joanne does a particularly great job and weaving the books together while still writing each as a great stand alone book. 🙂

    • Joanne Rock says:

      Thank you!!! It’s tough to stray from the course when I have eagled eyed help to keep me on track 😀 . We’ve brainstormed some fun series ideas, haven’t we?

  5. Ilona says:

    One of my faves was Uniformly Hot! 😀 Probably because I love a man in uniform.

    Oh and I also liked most of the ones in The Wrong Bed series (couldn’t get all of them though =( )

    • Joanne Rock says:

      Ilona, Uniformly Hot has been a real Blaze success. Our one year trial of the series sure turned into lots more demand. I’m so excited to have another one on tap for next year.

  6. Colleen says:

    Love connected stories! Just hate when I miss some of them… The one that stands out most for me is The Wrong Bed, but I have enjoyed so many more…

    • Joanne Rock says:

      Colleen that’s been a real benefit of an ereader for me… being able to easily find books in a series or all the books by an author I like. Once you love a series, you must have all of them!!

  7. Joanne Rock says:

    Found these over at the eroticreader’s list for recent series…
    •Texas Hotzone
    •Checking E-Males
    •Uniformly Hot!
    •It Takes a Hero
    •Sons of Chance
    •Bedtime Stories
    •The Wrong Bed: Again and Again
    •Where You Least Expect It
    •Blaze Historical

  8. Joanne Rock says:

    Harlequin Blaze Miniseries has a wiki page we could update too. It’s a little dated, but references some good ones- The White Star, eXtreme Blaze, Bad Girls Club, Million Dollar Secrets.

    • Patricia says:

      Joanne, I loved the Bad Girls Club, an introduction to several of my fave Blaze writers. Those heroines were great.


  9. Jane says:

    I really liked the Code Red series.

  10. Kiru Taye says:

    My favourite series are Uniformly Hot and Bedtime Stories. I love the miniseries generally for the same reasons.

  11. Kim Lyn says:

    ohhhh … looking forward to reading your connected stories!! I have to say, if I know a book is connected to one I’ve already read, I’ll buy it right away. I just love re-visiting places, and maybe reading bits and pieces of previous couples. 🙂

  12. Joanne Rock says:

    I’m the same way. I read Susan Elizabeth Phillips Call Me Irresistible this winter and loved the many nods she gave to former characters. So much fun to have so many of them in one small town. A real treat for her readers!!

  13. Diana says:

    Some of my favorites: Kathleen O’Reilly’s Those Sexy O’Sullivans, Sarah Mayberry’s Secret Lives of Daytime Divas, Kristin Hardy’s Sex & the Supper Club, and Alison Kent’s http://www.girl-gear.

    • Joanne Rock says:

      I hadn’t heard of Sarah’s series. What a cute series title!! Thank you so much for adding these to my growing list, Diana!

      • Diana says:

        The Secret Lives of Daytime Divas series was how I first discovered Sarah Mayberry, and she’s now one of my favorite authors. I highly recommend this series!

  14. Aurora says:

    Hmm, I’m still trying to discover Blaze mini series that I will enjoy 🙂 The series that I did enjoy was Jade Lee/Kathy Lyons’ Tigress series so far. I also have a feeling I might enjoy Cara Summers’ Tall Dark and Dangerous mini series 😀

  15. Joanne Rock says:

    Year in and year out, readers love Cara’s books! I’ll bet you can’t go wrong.

  16. Joanne Rock says:

    ***Winner!!! Congratulations to Ilona, our thread prize winner! I’ve got an awesome list of miniseries in the works now and it will be fun to add to. Ilona, I’m sending you a private email, but all you need to do is email me at jrock008@gmail.com with the title of two of my backlist Blazes (your top choice and an alternate in case I’m out of stock). Also, send me a mailing address, and I’ll zip a book right out to you!

    Thanks to everyone for visiting this week! 🙂

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