Rub It In - April 2012

I have a new release this week.  Rub it In is the third book in my Island Nights series and brings back two characters we met earlier – resort owner Simon Reeves and his general manager Marcy McKinney.  These two were so much fun to write.  They’re both champions at hiding passion behind a facade of irritation and antagonism.  I enjoyed stripping them of those defenses, leaving them with nothing but each other.

But I’m going to admit that I’m almost as excited for another release this week – The Hunger Games movie. I came to the series late, ignoring several recommendations from friends I trusted because it just didn’t sound like a story I’d be interested in.  When I finally began reading I realized just how wrong I was and finished all three within a week.

Yes, despite knowing the movie will never be as good as the book, I’m looking forward to seeing the story come to life.  But what I’m most excited about is sharing the experience with my oldest daughter.  Sweet Pea is 10 and to my dismay she hasn’t been much of a reader.  At least not until this year.  I’m not exactly sure what changed, but she’s really embraced books recently.  When she asked about reading The Hunger Games I agreed and dangled a carrot – if she finished it before the movie released I’d take her to see it, just the two of us.

She actually finished the first two books and just started the last one.  I’m so proud of her, but more than that I’m thrilled she’s discovered the escape and joy that reading has always brought me.  As promised we’re going to see the movie first thing Saturday morning.  It’s all she’s talked about this week and I think I’m anticipating it just as much as she is.  We’re planning a day of it – movie, lunch, shoe shopping.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

Are you going to see The Hunger Games?  Are there any books you think would make great movies that haven’t made it to the big screen?  Do you avoid movies based on books that you loved or are you first in line to get your ticket?

I’ll give a signed copy of Rub It In to one commenter today.  Be sure to check the comments next week to see if you’ve won.


27 Responses to “The Hunger Games”
  1. Laurie G says:

    My children all loved to read. I was lucky! I’m glad your daughter became interested in these books. Hopefully, she will continue to enjoy reading. Have fun sharing the movie!

    I’ve only read the first book of The Hunger Games trilogy. I have no plans to see it right now. Eventually when all of the hype has slowed down, I might go to see it. I usually prefer the book to the movie…more detail, my interpretation, my vision of the characters.

    I would love to see some of Karen Hawkin’s Scotsmen in a movie.

  2. My younger son was 10 when he finally got into the Harry Potter books. Before that, he, too, wasn’t much of a reader and I couldn’t figure out why. I just lent him Hunger Games a month ago and I was wondering if that series and the Twilight books had hooked readers the way Harry Potter did.

    • I shouldn’t be all that surprised by it, Heather. I didn’t really start reading for fun until the 3rd grade. But I think she’s definitely hooked and starting to talk about other series she wants to read after she finishes Mockingjay. I think part of it for her though was sharing the books with me. Being able to read the same things mommy was. 🙂

  3. Lori Y says:

    Best of luck with “Rub it in”. I don’t know much about “The Hunger Games” other than that a local resident near where I live disigned the pin that they are talking about for movie.

    • Thanks, Lori! That’s cool about the pin. I had to stop myself from buying T-shirts for Sweet Pea and I. But a pin I could see me actually using past opening night of the movie.

  4. Marcie R says:

    No plans to see the movie – at least in the theater. Scenes they’ve shown remind me of the old Arnold Schwarenegger movie The Running Man.

    I haven’t read the books yet either. But I’m one of those if I see the movie I won’t read the book or vice versa.

    I’ve been reading forever and I remember in elementary school bringing home the Scholastic catalog and my Mom saying I could pick 2. Gosh, I poured over that booklet for hours just to find the 2. And I thank my Mom to this day for enabling my habit!

    • I’m that way – if I see the movie I won’t read the book. It’s harder for me to get into the book when I know the story. But I don’t seem to have the same problem with movies if I’ve read the book. Maybe because it happens faster?

  5. katie says:

    My middle guy (9 1/2) is an avid reader. All three of them love to read, but middle dude, he’s my smarty pants and his reading has taken off. He read several of Harry Potter’s and really liked them (loved the movies of the books he read, sort of holding out on the PG13 ones). He begged (literally begged) me to get the Hunger Games and Santa caved in. Then, we had to read it together (the rule, he’s sort of a young 9 1/2) and then he begged me to take it to school and read on his own (not a good parenting moment, I think). He read #1 in a week and told me that that was his favorite book EVER (he did tell me what was happening as he read). Now, he’s begging me to take him to the movie. I told him I need to preview it first (the book, I have heard and he has told me) is a little violent for me to think of taking him. I’ll see it and decide if he can see it. Yeah, I’ll probably cave.

    • It’s hard to say no when they’re that excited, isn’t it? 🙂 I prepped Sweet Pea before I gave the first one to her so that she would know going in what was going to happen. And still there was a point where she walked into my bedroom, her eyes shiny with tears and just looked at me so heartbroken (and said something I won’t mention because it’s a spoiler). Then she walked back out, picked up the book and finished reading. At first I was worried, but then I realized she was okay with it…she just wanted someone to share the moment with and I was the only one who would understand. It was nice to share that with her. I’m hoping as she gets older and the teenage years set in the books we share will provide a connection through some of the emotional angst I can already see coming.

  6. Colleen says:

    Someone gave me The Hunger Games books over a year ago… I kept turning away from them… I heard great things about them, but still have not picked them up… now that I have seen bits of the movie… I want to jump right in… It was the same way with The Twilight series… saw the first movie… wanted to know more and read all the books in just over a week… the down side is having to wait for all of the movies to come out… hate the wait!

    • I hate that wait too, Colleen! At least by the time I started the books they were all out. Part of me would like to wait until all of the movies were out to see them at once…but I know I’m not that patient. 🙂

  7. Kimh says:

    Congrats on the book
    s whho hot cover
    I will watch if I like the book and on video 🙂

  8. chey says:

    Not going to see the movie. The nearest theatre is about 2 and a half hours away. I wish Outlander would be made into a movie.

  9. Jane says:

    Congrats on the new release, Kira. I haven’t read the books yet, but I do think I’ll go see The Hunger Games. The reviews are great.

  10. Aurora says:

    Are you going to see The Hunger Games? Are there any books you think would make great movies that haven’t made it to the big screen? Do you avoid movies based on books that you loved or are you first in line to get your ticket?

    I never read the Hunger Games actually. I think Twilight still kind of burns me so I tend to avoid popular books. It also doesn’t sound something that I’d enjoy. Hope you and your daughter will have a good day though 🙂 It sounds like a lot of fun hehe. I could think of dozen of books that would make great movies such as Foreign Student by Susan Choi, Whisper of Death by Christopher Pike, perhaps Milly Trilly by Lisa Yee, and so forth. I read LoTR before watching the movie and I recall I was first in line trying to get a ticket to watch the movie haha. It’s not till now that I think movies were much better than books in this case. Harry Potter movies disappointed me actually. (At least first and third hehe).

    • Thanks, Aurora! We’re both excited about tomorrow. My husband is taking our younger daughter on a Girl Scout outing to the zoo so they’re having a day while I get to spend time with our oldest. It’s hard to find opportunities to do things individually with the girls so this should be fun.

      I love your list of books you’d like to see into movies.

  11. Alina D says:

    Hi Kira! I am a huge Hunger Games fan too. My hubby and I went to see it this morning. It was so good! They did a pretty good job staying true to the book. I loved it!I know the movie is never gonna be as good as the book, but I still love seeing it come to life on the screen. I read all three Hunger Games books in a week. I did the same thing with the Twilight books and the Mortal Instruments books. My kids are still young so they don’t read much on their own yet, but with me reading, we love the Magic Tree House books by Mary Pope Osborn. We love reading about Jack and Annie’s adventures.

    Have fun tomorrow! 🙂

    • I love the Mortal Instruments series too. Have you read the Tiger Curse series? it’s good too and another one Sweet Pea is looking forward to read. My youngest is a huge Magic Tree House fan and has devoured all of them she can get her hands on. She’s definitely my natural reader in the family. 🙂

  12. Shelley BAgby says:

    Ive read the Hunger Games books and saw the movie yesterday.. I liked it. All the actors were spot on, except Peeta. I didn’t like the actor playing him. He was too little and short. Ive read all Cassandra Clare’s books too! Can’t wait to see them at the movies!

  13. Congratulatoins to Jan and Shelley Bagby who are my winners! Email me at with your snail mail address and I’ll get your books in the mail. 🙂

  14. Jane says:

    Thanks so much, Kira. Congrats also to Shelley.

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