Last night, I went to Opening Day for the Houston Astros.  Have you ever been to the first home game of a professional baseball team?  I.  Had.  No.  Idea.  I hate to admit it, but I can take or leave baseball.  I didn’t even know the season had started.  Everybody else in Houston did because the game was a sellout.  Our seats were on the dugout level.  Really fabulous.  Even better, they were free.  My hubby’s company buys season tickets and holds drawings for them and we got lucky.

We arrived early enough to see the pre-game hoopla which consisted of girls shooting tee shirt balls out of cannons, giant flags stretched across the field, country music star Clay Walker singing The Star
Spangled Banner, and The Clydesdales presenting the game ball.  Okay, it was actually the guy driving the Clydesdales who handed off the ball, but still.  We’re talking about the Budweiser Clydesdales trotting around the baseball field.

The rosters of both teams were introduced.  The Colorado Rockies even introduced their massage therapist.  I am not making this up.

During the game, I saw broken bats and back to back home runs.  We ate expensive hot dogs and peanuts, but not Crackerjacks.  Lights flashed telling us to “Root Root Root” (new this year) but not how.  Were we supposed to yell, “Root”?

At one point, I was digging in my purse and heard the crack of the bat.  Hubby yells, “Watch out!”  Naturally, I assume he’s kidding and ignore him.  He was not.  A foul ball landed four rows directly behind me.  “How could you not see that coming?” he asks.  Because I was trying to get the empty peanut shells out of my purse, that’s how.

After the game was my favorite part–the fireworks.  I love fireworks.  A couple of colors were new to me–a pale green and a bronze that was definitely not gold.

The final score was Colorado 5 and the Astros 3, so it looks as though the Budweiser Clydesdales made the trip for nothing.  The Astros won’t be able to sell beer because they lost the opener.

Are you a baseball fan?  If so, what team?  And if you saw “Root Root Root” (no punctuation), what would you do?

16 Responses to “Play Ball!”
  1. katie says:

    Been to our professional baseball games, but never opening day. If I saw Root root root”, I’d go “beer beer beer”….then laugh because I don’t drink.

  2. Alina D says:

    Hi Heather! I have never been to a professional game before. I did grow up in Southern California and have been a Dodgers fan since birth. My parents even took a picture of me when I was about a month old inside of a Dodger helmet. It’s still one of my favorite baby pictures. When I lived at home I watched every game with my Dad. I had a huge crush on Mike Piazza back then. Now I don’t watch much tv at all unless its cartoons. Well that and my hubby is a football fan so we do watch the Titans games.

    Have a wonderful Easter! 🙂

  3. Ruth Chestnut says:

    Have never been to an opening day game, but I love baseball. Big Philadelphia Phillies fan here. Used to go to several home games each year, not so much anymore since prices have gone up on tickets and food. Loved the free giveaway nights and the meet and greets. 😉

    Have a Happy Easter..


  4. Donna McClure says:

    I am not a baseball fan, to slow & boring for me!! Sorry to all the baseball fans. I have been to a major league game & lots of Little League games when my friends had kids playing. My girls did not play any sport. The major league game was in Michigan when we were visiting the inlaws. I laughed because we were so far from California & guess who the visiting team was? Los Angeles Angels!! Thought that was so funny! People keep telling me I should go to a Giants home game just to see the stadium by the bay but I’d rather spend entertainment $$$’s on something else. Go to a 49’ers game, anytime! Not to likely to happen at the prices tickets are now. I did see 2 pre-season games long ago in the days of Montana, Rice & Young. Great days for the team.
    Happy Easter to you & Everyone stopping by. 🙂

  5. Tammy Yenalavitch says:

    I do not watch much baseball now since I am the East coast, but I grew up on the West Coast and I am a Dodgers fan. So, I will Root,Root,Root for the Dodgers if they don;t win it’s a shame!

    • I liked it better when I recognized the players. We had several who had been with the team their entire career. Now, I didn’t recognize one name. They’re a young team. There were 4 errors in the game. Aren’t they supposed to be rare?

  6. Kim h says:

    Congrts tha t is cool Npa nd free tics lol,
    I have , I am ia bay areanfan, go sf giants, and Oakland A’s !!!!
    I lovensports!!!! :)I try to Go to few games ,it is fun, 🙂

  7. Laurie G says:

    Hi Heather,

    I’ve never been to opening day. April in Wisconsin can be cold and even snowy. I’m a Milwaukee Brewer fan. I rarely get to a game. I prefer football and hockey. More action!


  8. Jessie Llewellyn says:

    Heather….I’ll be honest. I know that baseball is a favorite American past time, along with Apple Pie; I could take or leave baseball. But this year, I will turn 50 in September & thought I’d catch a Tampa Bay Rays spring training game since the park is only 15 min. away & felt the need to do something I hadn’t done before. Wow, now I’m hooked. Even got 5 autographs on my baseball & I want to see a regular season game in St. Petersburg. Looking forward to catching more than 1 spring training game next year & getting more autographs.

  9. Hi Jessie,

    They’re building a new AAA stadium within 5 miles of my home. Apparently, they did everything right and it will work for outdoor concerts and other events. There’s even a little pool for kids. Very family oriented. It’ll be fun to see something there. It’s supposed to be finished within 2 weeks.

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