When I was a little kid I wanted to be a lawyer/singing superstar. When I was about nine, I decided I wanted to be a dancer on Broadway. I ended up at the High School of Performing Arts in Houston, Texas, as a dancer. And if that didn’t work, maybe an Oceanographer. I went off to college thinking dance was my thing, and then I hurt my back and couldn’t dance for a year.

It was my dad who suggested I go into journalism. I’d written for school newspapers and scandal sheets since junior high.ย  I wasn’t so much a news reporter, more a features writer. I liked the idea of delving into lives and learning about people. That worked out well for me. I’ve been a journalist for about 24 years.

But when it came to fiction, well, that’s a different story. I’d wanted to write a novel from the first time I picked up a Nancy Drew book. Even though I had amazing parents, who told me I could be anything I wanted, I didn’t dare dream about being an author. It seemed so otherworldly and impossible to me. I thought I had a better chance at being on Broadway.

Now that I’m an author, and have been one since 2004, I’m still having a hard time believing it. It’s one of those things that even though I know how it happened, I still can’t believe it did. I’m so lucky to have a job where I can make up worlds and characters can talk in my head, and no one wraps me up in a straight jacket.

This is my very long way of telling you that I’m going back to one of my previous dreams. I want to dance. No, not on Broadway. Those days are gone. But for myself. My doc says I HAVE to exercise and I hate it all, except for dancing. Oh, and yoga. I kind of like yoga.

I have so many things things I want to do, learn French and how to paint with oils. My friend Heidi gave me a little artist kit a while back and now I’m hooked. And while I sound like one of those ugly Americans murdering the French language, I’m trying. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and my big dream right now is to be so successful that I can by myself a little beach side cottage (with amazing Internet) and write while staring out at the waves. Sigh. I love the ocean.

So I’m curious… What did you want to be when you grew up? Do you have a passion from childhood that you’ve continued into adulthood? What are your dreams for the future?

Tell me, I really want to know. And don’t forget to dream big.

10 Responses to “Dream Big”
  1. katie says:

    I was going to teach kids in Africa (elementary) with no husband, no kids. Yeah, that sort of all went out the window. I do have my elementary teaching degree/certificate, but the chances of me just uprooting everyone and teaching in some rural hut are small.

    • katie says:

      Now, I just want to visit art museums in Europe and live in France (preferably outside of Paris). Even that is looking not possible. I sound like those ugly Americans, too, but fortunately, people in Paris are so kind that they love speaking English to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Marcie R says:

    I wanted to be an actress and be on Magnum PI with Tom Selleck!

    Now my dream is to be published. I started with poetry when I was 16 and then fiddled with a story. Finally told myself to write that one and then try another. The past 3 years I’ve been serious and not writing when I felt like it.

    I think the writing bug hit in the 3rd grade and I didn’t realize it. We had to choose a picture on the wall and write a story. Mine was a brown bear reaching for a fish in a raging stream.

  3. Donna McClure says:

    When I was growing up girls were not really encouraged to have a profession. Few of the women in my high school graduating class went to college & mostly went to meet guys!!! Oh, how times have changed. One of the women I went to high school with went on to become a doctor which was an amazing feat back then. Just getting accepted to medical school was a rarity for a female.
    As a retired person my dream now is to continue some travel when I can as there are many places I would like to see, to keep enjoying good health & enjoy life in whatever way I choose.
    Like you I love the ocean. Luckily I live close enough to drive over frequently, it takes about an hour depending on which of the several ways I decide to go! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Donna, I’m a little jealous about your proximity to the ocean. I really feel like I’m supposed to be living by one. When I lived in Houston, it wasn’t so far away, but now I’m totally landlocked. Lakes just aren’t the same. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I used to like to dance too–I took Modern Dance classes when I was young. Now I do Bollywood dance exercise videos…you should try them. Lots of fun!

    And you know my dreams…a multi-book contract for fiction. This is the year!

  5. Laura Lee says:

    You may remmber what I wanted to be growing up better than I do! I don’t recall. I know I always liked teaching, and I actually do that but not in a way I ever could have imagined.

    I have a variety of professional ideas but must add that dance is great and I too adore the beach! I so hope to return to the Sanderling soon. Great place. Did wonders for me. A beach house has much to offer. So does a place not needing cleaning by me!

  6. Alina D says:

    Hi Candy! When I was a kid I wanted to be two things, A Singer and a Marine Biologist. Both those dreams continued until high school. I hate math and was so so in science so the Marine Biology idea went out the window. I still wanted to be a singer. But back then there was no youtube or anything like that, you had to get discovered the old fashioned way and I was always a bit to shy for that. Then 4 days before I graduated from high school I met my husband and my life changed forever. We got married and had our first baby. I wanted to stay home and raise our kids and I have been lucky enough to do just that. Then about 4 years ago I got this idea for a book in my head and started writing it all down. About that same time I also decided I was sick of paying so much for my kids birthday cakes when they weren’t even that good. So I decided to try making them myself. So now I have two dreams. One is to become a published writer and the other is to make beautiful cakes for a living. I am working on making them both become a reality!

    Have a wonderful week! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Kim h says:

    L wanted to trvel around thev world, andbdoctor,
    Wasctherr e a winner from yournlastbblog ๐Ÿ™‚

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