This is going to be a super short post because the storm is brewing big time outside my window. Usually by mid-April, we’re hitting the warm, smooth weather here in N. California. But this year (and last, actually – maybe usually isn’t the right term anymore LOL) we’ve had a lot of rain – and tonight, thunder and lightening. I’m typing with about 215 lbs of dogs on my feet (all three are trying to crawl into my lap) and a kid doing the freak-out dance of worry, wondering if all her electronic toys are charged enough to withstand a possible power outage. Can you tell thunder and lightening are a rare thing around our house? ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m not as nervous as my dogs about storms. Nor am I as freaked about preparing as my kid. In a way, I really enjoy the power and elemental beauty of the lightening dancing across the sky (I like it better when the dogs hide under the bed instead of my lap, though). I’m a little irked at having to shut down my computer because I do have a lot of writing to do, but don’ think Mother Nature is as worried about my deadline as I am ๐Ÿ™‚ So I guess instead of writing this evening, I’ll be soothing puppies, explaining the effects of hot and cold not sharing the sky well, and watching the show through the back windows.

So what’s your storm comfort zone? Are you totally blase about Mother Nature’s moods? Or do you worry when the weather shifts (btw, if it was snowing, I’d be worrying up my own storm. So my lack of freaking is limited). How’s the weather where you are right now? Is anyone in shorts yet?

9 Responses to “It’s a’Storming!”
  1. katie says:

    Our storms usually last a day or so, so I don’t mind them. About three years ago, we had a snow storm that lasted two weeks (we live in the PNW that does not prepare for that much snow). Needless to say, at the end of that two plus weeks…it went into winter vacation, it started snowing and I told my husband, HE was leaving, regardless. I needed someone to get out of the house.

  2. EllenToo says:

    Hope the storms passed you by without any really serious problems.
    I am pretty blase about anything less than hurricanes and those rare storms that have hail attached to them. Of course I prefer gently falling rain.
    The weather here is hot and muggy but that’s the usual here on the Texas coast.

  3. Lisa Wells says:

    Hi Tawny,

    I love a good thunderstorm. The louder the better. It puts me in the mood to read and write and cuddle and snuggle.

    I laughed at the idea of your child worrying about his gadgets being properly powered. That’s funny. As far as weather, we had a warm spell in March where shorts were a necessity but now it is cooler and rainy. I live in the midwest.

    Lisa Wells

  4. Aurora says:

    In Texas its kind of hot, although there have been storms. I enjoy stormy weather, never could love hot weather. While I do enjoy storms, I don’t enjoy the threat of tornadoes lurking nearby which often happens in Texas. (I did see a tornado one time but that was on border of Oklahoma and Missouri not in Texas haha.)

  5. Donna McClure says:

    I also live in northern California but here in my little corner there was no thunder or lightening. It seemed to skip over us, but it did rain. This morning the sun is shining & it is beautiful. I happen to love storms. The thunder & lightening don’t scare me they are fascinating but the storms here are rarely very threatening. My oldest lived in Colorado for about eight & a half years. One time when I was back there Mother Nature put on a show! She had told me about thunder storms there so close to the Rockies but that was the first time I got a taste. The lightening was awesome & the thunder very loud. One thing about that type of weather is that it doesn’t usually last a long time.
    Happy Friday! Have a great weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. JackieW says:

    Well, I’ve lived in Colorado and been thru winer snow storms and lived in Arizona and been thru summer thunder storms so I can weather storms fairly good. Or I used to…..however, now that I live in Southern California I’ve become a real wuss…..anything below 70 and I’m “freezing”….today it is probably 60 degrees and suppose to have a rain “storm” that is to last until tomorrow morning. I love the sunshine.

  7. Joye says:

    I live in the desert of Arizona and I am comfy until we get to 112 degrees and up temperatures. ugh They say ” But it is a dry heat” yeah and that’s like living in a 400 degree oven!

  8. Ruth Chestnut says:

    Love thunderstorms. I like to kick back and watch them through the window while reading a good book. My daughter on the other hand yells when it thunders. She gets so mad at me because I laugh at her.

    Have a good weekend.


  9. Jessie Llewellyn says:

    I find thunderstorms calming. Yes, I know that you’d think it would make you feel the opposite. Rainy season will be in FL soon. And boy, are there some wicked thunderstorms here. Definitely took some getting used to since I spent most of my life in NJ. But I will take the storms because in return, I get plenty of sunshine & get to wear shorts & flip flops or sandals for most of the year!

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