Raise your hand if you shop on-line? See my hand there waving in the air? It’s gotten so I hate going to the mall because of the drive time, the browsing time, and even the standing in line to pay the cashier. Which is really odd because I used to enjoy shopping. And frankly, I still do…but online. It’s more relaxing because I do it after I get my email and before I get out of bed. I mean honestly, I have this choice: I could leap out of bed and start my day or I could linger in bed and online shop. Which would you chose?

Here’s the other kicker: I feel less pressure when I’m online. Ridiculous to feel pressure when wandering through a mall, but I do. I’m there to shop, so I must find something! But online, I can shrug and say, not today. And then, of course, get out of bed and start my day. Or I find a new website to browse.

Though I do miss wandering through a bookstore. No website quite matches the feel of that. And I wonder if I really save time. I just bought this lovely shirt, but it came too large. Now I’ve got to send it back for a smaller size. By the time I get it, sometimes the magic is gone. Plus, I’ve had to drive to the post office and wait in line there. And let’s be honest, I’m spending more time shopping because I’m doing it in bed every day. Which means I find more stuff and buy more stuff. Oops.

So now we get to the real reason for this blog. Where do you shop–online or live in a store? And for what? I’ve got to admit that my clothing obsession right now goes to two websites: www.softsurroundings.com and www.pyramidcollection.com. One lucky commentor will get a copy of my latest blaze by Kathy Lyons Night After Night… about a pair of strangers who share erotic dreams. Don’t you hate it when that happens…not!

16 Responses to “Shopping”
  1. Anne M says:

    Online (in fact, I just finished doing that!). Once I discovered that not only could I buy books and clothes online… but also plants and furniture? Totally hooked. For clothes, though, I’m more of a Bluefly gal.

  2. katie says:

    Nordstrom is having a sale on my favorite purses….now, that is not good. I love online shopping only because I can do it in my Jammie’s. I understand about the return thing….she said as she had to return a whole bunch of stuff to Target yesterday that didn’t fit.

  3. Summer says:

    I buy books online all the time, though I do still love browsing through a book store as well. As for clothes, I don’t like a pushy salesperson hovering over me, and there are so many more styles to choose from online than where I live, but fit is so often an issue for me, if only size charts were more accurate.

  4. Patsy L Roberts says:

    Online? I spend a lot of time at Amazon and Wal Mart. I know, I know… Wal Mart online? LOL I could go to my local store but why not shop from the comfort of my desk chair and in my jammies without facing the crowds. LOL I spend a lot of time shopping in the store at Sams Club. I can get groceries, clothes and big bags of dog food there. I have three 80 pound dogs and a 21 pound one and they go through a lot of dog food and dog cookies. LOL 🙂

  5. Belinda says:

    I haunt such sites as Bed, Bath and Beyond, QVC, The Container Store—this site is addicting because I don’t like seen clutter. I say put it in a pretty box or basket and it looks organized..LOL. I agree with Anne. You can purchase anything online. Also if I have to return something you don’t need to go to the post office…just call UPS,FedEx, etc. They will come pick it up at your house during their daily run. Try it you will love it! So cool…

    I now purchase most of my books online. I rarely buy print books anymore. My Nook and I have become joined at the hip. I am such an avid reader that I go nowhere and I mean nowhere without it. I have an arsenal of sites where I purchase ebooks. It pays to look almost daily because a lot of the sites/publishers offer ebooks for free for short periods of time. I have snagged some of my fave authors this way. My collection of books is now over 2000 and growing. Hey, don’t hate… I spend a lot too! My book budget almost rivals the national debt!! Seriously, it’s my one allowable unshameable weakness. It’s nice to be able to read/re-read any of my favorite books at anytime, I luv it! Ok, I’m shutting-up now. Thanks for the opportunity to share…

  6. Aurora says:

    I think I enjoy shopping in real world, although once in a while online. I shop for books online, only when the stuff is more cheaper on amazon rather than anywhere else. I never bought anything else, but clothes and whatever I’d prefer to do it in person. I could try it on in a fitting room and if I don’t look good in it or it doesn’t fit me I just give it back.

  7. Colleen says:

    I like shopping online for books and especially around the holidays… less hectic! For clothes though, I do not usually purchase anything online… never know if it will truly fit right… same for shoes.

  8. Kathy Lyons, aka Jade Lee Jade Lee says:

    Ooh! I HATE shopping for shoes on line. I have a wide foot and I never know how it will fit until I try it on.

  9. Patsy L Roberts says:

    I forgot to add that I buy books at all of those places. I love getting the books in the mail. It makes for something to look forward to.

  10. Giora says:

    I can see why people shop online for books. There is nothing personal with books. But I don’t understand why people shop for personal thinsg like clothes online, unless they saw them before in person in a store and see that they fit .. and decided to safe money by buying online. Anyway, I just came to show support to my favourite Harlequin (Blaze) Writer .

  11. Kathy Lyons, aka Jade Lee Kathy Lyons, aka Jade Lee says:

    Thanks Giora! You’re a doll!

  12. kimh says:

    books and clothes thoo and shoes whooo
    thanks for the giveways 🙂

  13. Kaelee says:

    The only thing I shop for online is books from Harlequin. Otherwise I’m pretty much a shopper in the middle of the week preferably the morning when the stores aren’t too busy.

  14. atariina says:

    I only shop books online. Mostly from Book Depository and Amazon.

  15. Congratulations to Belinda! She won a signed copy of Night After Night.

  16. Belinda says:

    WhooHoo!! What an unexpected surprise…too cool! Thank you Kathy. I’m definitely going to enjoy reading the book. Thank you again1

    Side note: I seriously luv this site! I will be back often.

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