Happy Valentine’s Day!  A date late, but it’s the big moment while I’m typing this.  Right now I have beef short ribs braising in the oven and a big heart-shaped cake on my kitchen table.  Luckily the cats don’t like chocolate.

It’s fun having a dedicated date for Valentine’s Day!  So many of mine were spent alone or trying to pretend to be romantic with my ex (nice, nice man, I still admire him in so many ways, but we were a terrible match!).  So while I still don’t buy into the holiday completely, knowing how much it can suck, I will take any excuse for romance and champagne and good food.

Starting a new Blaze this month, the first of connected books about fraternal twin sisters, total opposites, who switch lives for a few months.  I say fraternal, because it’s not one of those stories in which they’re pretending to be each other, they are just bored and wanting something new.  One lives on the central California coast, laid back to the extreme, and the other lives in the midst of Manhattan.  Should be fun!

This month recipe is soooo wonderful.  I don’t know about you, but I almost always find yellow cake recipes disappointing.  This one isn’t!  It’s light, buttery and amazing.  In fact, time has passed since I started this article, and now my husband is sitting next to me eating his second helping.  Use your favorite frosting.  Ours is chocolate . . .

Moist Yellow Cake

See you next month!



2 Responses to “Happy V-Day”
  1. katie says:

    You always post the best recipes!

  2. Thanks, Katie! Leftovers of this cake are sitting on my kitchen table. It is painful staying away!



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