So by now, most of you know that I have a whole other side to my life. I write about television and movies for newspaper and radio. I spent most of July interviewing folks from all the fall television shows. I thought you’d want to know the most important part of the whole fall season. Who are the  hottest guys with new shows? Right? But here’s the thing. What I’m about to share may not be the prettiest boys in the room, but they are sexy. They have that combination of confidence, funny and charm. So here we go:

First up is someone who I just love. Ever since Horatio Hornblower, I’ve adored Ioan (pronounced yowan) Gruffudd. This Welshman is as kind and charming as they come in real life. And on screen he’s just a hottie. Love the new show where he plays an immortal medical examiner. Kind of Bones meets Highlander.  I included the photo of Karen Gillan with John Cho, our No. 2 hottie, because I’ve a had a girl crush on her since “Doctor Who.” Like serious girl crush. They are adorable in the retelling of Eliza Doolittle on the new comedy Selfie. (Photos by ABC) Next up is Matt Ryan who plays Constantine on NBC this fall (Photo by NBC). He’s another charmer, and is perfect for this role. That next photo is Dean Winter and Josh Duhamel who star in the new Vince Gilligan show “Battlecreek” for CBS (Photo by CBS). They’re the oddest partners on television this fall. And so not hard to look at. And last but not least is David Tennant who is starring in Gracepoint on Fox this fall (photo by Fox). That’s the America remake of the BBC’s Broadchruch. So tell me what shows/actors are you excited about seeing this fall?IOAN GRUFFUDDKAREN GILLAN, EMILY KAPNEK (CREATOR/EXECUTIVE PRODUCER), JOHN CHOConstantine - Season Pilot















3 Responses to “Hot Guys For Fall”
  1. Tammy Y says:

    I am excited about Gotham in the Fall. Looking forward to many of the returning shows too

  2. Cathy W says:

    Wow…I have no idea who any of these guys are, nor anything about the shows.

    I know I live in the boonies and don’t get TV reception (nor do I pay for cable), but I didn’t realize I was quite that out of the loop! Looks like I’ve got some research to do! 🙂

  3. Summer says:

    I’m so excited that Ioan Gruffudd has a new show, I’m a big fan from his Horatio Hornblower days, too. I’m so glad to hear that you think it’s good, now they’ll just have to find an audience.

    Gracepoint is the one I’m kind of iffy on, I really liked Broadchurch, and so far it sounds like they haven’t changed much so I’m wondering if there will be any suspense left for those of us who already watched the original.

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