December 1! I still can’t believe it’s actually happening and just around the corner. My first ever physical, paper, book in hand book.

Keep your eye peeled for Dec 2 as I’ll be doing a Facebook party with a bunch of amazing authors. There’ll be giveaways, books and fun and excerpts. I hope you come and join us. I have two FB pages one under Shana Gray and the other is my author profile page Shana Gray – Author

Blaze cover

More Than A Fling is hot, verrrry hot. I’ve written erotic romance for a few years now (under a different author name) so I’m no stranger to *the hot stuff* I’ve touched on BDSM, written femdom (female dominatrix), voyeurism, outdoor play times, one night stands and sex club stories to name a few. My Blaze is hot, yep, and why I guess it’s Unrated. I’m good with that 🙂 My mom read one of my earlier stories and I was a bit nervous about it. She said “That was a nice story. A little sexy.” A LITTLE?  We lost mom 3 years ago this December 🙁 so…. I gave dad a copy of my Blaze. He wanted one to show around the seniors home. If you get it you will see the dedication to him.

The other day I visited dad and saw the book was on a side table by his chair. Did that mean he’d read it? A few minutes later we had this conversation.

Dad: I haven’t read your book yet
Me, relieved: That’s okay. It’s very sexy
Dad: *Shrugs*
Me, concerned: You don’t have to read it you know. It’s rather explicit, with uhm specific words and situations. It’s VERY sexy
Dad: That’s okay. I don’t mind.
Me to myself: oh sh*t

So now I’m all caught up in wondering if he will or will not read it. I don’t think I should be concerned but I am a little bit. It makes me wonder how porn stars do it. You know, if their family watches their movies.


So if my dad does read it and tells me. I’ll let you know how it goes. One day I’ll name a character after him. Henry is a great name! He’s going to be 93 in March. Oh, and I am writing is WWII story, which I need to make a priority. A Polish boy forced to fight for the Germans.

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Since I won’t be back here until December, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! gobble gobble

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  1. Mary Preston says:

    Good luck with the whole Dad and sexy book thing.

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